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Legal Name (as on your ID)
What format are you planning to attend in?
Are you at least 18 years of age?
Do you identify as someone in ongoing recovery from mental illness or co-occurring disorder (mental illness + substance use disorder) for at least one year?
Do you have a high school diploma, GED, or higher education, and the ability to provide documentation of your education when applying for certification?
Are you willing to share your experience with mental illness and recovery with co-workers and peers?
Do you have a genuine desire and commitment to help others with their own recovery?
Do you feel capable of setting healthy boundaries and letting go of responsibility or obligation for the behavior and choices of those you work with?
Are you willing and able to work as a team member with other mental health providers?
Do you have access to a computer with a webcam, microphone, and high-speed internet connection, or prefer to attend a class in person at our Boise office?
If attending via Zoom, will you be able to attend the class from a reasonably private area for the full required time each training day?
I have read and agree to abide by the Idaho Certified Peer Support Specialist Code of Ethics
I understand that, if accepted for training, I will be required to provide a photocopy of my government-issued photo identification to CMI.
I understand that, if accepted for training, I will be expected to attend and participate for the full 40 hours of the class.
I agree, if accepted for training, to communicate any barriers or emergencies that affect my ability to attend or participate in class effectively to the facilitators immediately.
I understand that completing this application only begins the process, and I will also need to submit 2 letters of recommendation (outlined in the Readiness Guide), a lived experience essay, and participate in a video interview via Zoom before being accepted into the course.
I understand that, if accepted into this training, my payment will be due no later than 8 days before training begins and I will not receive my training materials until payment is received.
I understand that, by state requirements, an 80% or better is required for successful class completion, and of that score, 3/4 will be from the exam and 1/4 will be from participation.
Do you anticipate needing any special accommodations for completing the course or final exam?
I understand that it is my responsibility to apply for certification with BPA after successfully passing the training course
I understand that successful completion of this course does not guarantee certification or employment.
I understand that, while working in this field, most paid time is by the billable hour.
I understand that most peer support employment will require that I have access to reliable and legal transportation.
I understand that employment as a peer support specialist generally requires that I pass an enhanced criminal background check.
I understand that writing, reading, and working on a computer are generally necessary for working as a peer support specialist.
If accepted, what funding source do you hope to use?
If accepted, can you access the Boise office or do you need your materials shipped to you for an additional $25?
I have read and verify that I understand the Peer Support Training Readiness guide from this website.