Become a Peer Support Specialist

Peer support specialists are professionally trained survivors of mental illness who use the skills they’ve gained in their recovery, to support others on their own recovery journeys. If that sounds like something for you, we can help you achieve it!

March 8th is the last day to apply for our April Course

Future Class start datesLast day you could apply for class
Friday July 7th 2023Wednesday June 7th 2023
Friday October 7th 2023Thursday September 7th 2023
Facilitator Michelle Takagi
Michelle Takagi

Meet our Facilitators

Our class facilitators have a combined 13 years of ongoing experience working, supervising, and teaching in both peer and family support. Classes are designed not just to meet the requirements set by the state of Idaho, but honed by our active experience to help you succeed in your future career.

Facilitator Dyany Munson
Dyany Munson