DM CONTENT Class Expectation Guide

Hi! My name is Dyany and I’m one of the peer support class facilitators here at CMI. I’m putting together this page to help you know what to expect with the class, to help you feel more comfortable and decide if it is right for you.

The first thing I need you to know is that we are facilitators. That is a fancy word that means “people who make things easier.” We are here with our expertise, experience, and training to help you learn what you need to not only become certified to practice peer support in the state of Idaho, but to feel prepared and supported as you go into the workforce while thriving in your own recovery.

So here’s what to expect with the class:

After you’ve gone through the application process, have been accepted, have made your payment and received your manual, you are set as far as the administrative details are concerned, but we have a few preparation tips that will help make this class as successful and comfortable as possible.

  • If you are attending via Zoom, make sure you have a pleasant, private area with minimal distractions, a laptop or desktop computer, and good internet where you will feel comfortable attending the class and taking the test. If it is difficult to find such a place in your own home, then finding other locations like libraries or rooms at the homes of friend or neighbors may be appropriate.
  • Make sure children, pets, and other lively responsibilities are taken care of, and even having backup supports is usually a good idea. Running on the assumption that your kids or pets can keep themselves quiet and entertained for a full day can lead to disruptions that can impact your ability to focus or participate well.
  • Maximize that self-care! From getting enough sleep, to eating well, exercise, time management, utilizing your support system, and other regular tasks that help keep us well, take the time to get those in as much as possible before and during class.
  • Get snacks, water, fidget toys, pen and paper, or any other items that help you to feel well, focus, and learn for long periods of time.
  • If you are attending in person, remember to pack snacks and fidgets and double-check your transportation.
  • Remember that if you need special accommodations for testing or if you have circumstances that may disrupt one of the class days, please reach out to us beforehand so we can help support you.
  • Reach out to us using our contact form on this website for any questions or concerns!

Now we’re ready to start, right? Here are some things to expect during class:

  • Class participants will be expected to be there the full class time, so work hard to be on time each day and back from breaks in a timely manner.
  • An essential part of peer support is sharing of our lived experience through mental health recovery. As such, part of the class expectations will include sharing some hard things from your life and hearing similar stories from other students and facilitators. Be prepared with good self-care and bringing any tools or methods you have to help reduce stress or uncomfortable feelings that arise, but also know that we are there to support you, too.
  • Zoom participants will be expected to have their Zoom camera on the ENTIRE active class time, including the exam. We ask participants to mute when they are not speaking to minimize background noise, but be ready and able to turn their microphone back on at any time.
  • At the beginning of the class, we will be creating a class contract to help everyone have a voice to maximize comfort in the classroom. This can be adjusted throughout the week as new needs are identified.
  • Please silence and put your phone away during all active class times. There will be multiple breaks during the day where you can use your phone.
  • If an emergency (which we define as a catastrophic event which must be dealt with immediately and no one else can fill that role effectively) arises that disrupts your ability to focus on or participate in class effectively (or at all), please reach out to a facilitator immediately (if possible) to explain the situation and allow us to make appropriate accommodations.
  • If you are attending in person and get sick, we ask that you contact the class facilitators to make arrangements to attend via Zoom until you are well again.
  • If walking around the room helps you after you’ve been sitting for a while, feel free to do so to help yourself stay engaged! We do ask that if you are attending via Zoom, that you walk around in camera range.
  • At the end of each class day, you will receive a homework assignment via email. Please enter the same email address on each assignment that you used to sign up for the class and all correspondence. You will have until the beginning of the next class (so about a week) to finish the homework. The homework is primarily to help you review, but also counts towards the participation part of your score.